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The Road To Success

Starts with Pinion™

You provide a list of your auto loan holders and we will take it from there.  


step 1

pinion Key Finders

We deliver a custom set of Pinion™ Key Finders with your logo on them to each of your auto loan holders.

step 2

Activate with the app

Loan holders activate Key Finders by downloading maintain™ , an app that makes vehicle ownership simple and allows you to push content to directly to them.  Your logo automatically appears in the maintain™ app.

step 3

Engage with the app

Use the Pinion™ campaign builder to create content about your services and push it to your loan holders through the mainatin™ app.

step 4

convert and sell

Convert auto loan holders to other accounts and sell fee-generating MemberGuard™ service contracts and key replacement plans. 


Pinion Key Finders

This is one piece of direct mail that won't get thrown away with the rest!

Shortly after making their car purchase your auto loan holders will receive a package with a set of Pinion™ Key Finders.  This gift "resets" the relationship with each loan holder, in effect, providing the introduction to your institution.  It is the beginning of a "road trip" that will take them from STRANGERS to ENGAGED CUSTOMER.


Your logo appears on each Key Finder, creating favorable brand impressions each time they touch their keys and the mail insert is customizable for your Institution



Activate With The App

Loan holder downloads and installs the maintain™ app to connect and use Key Finders.

What makes our key finders different from other products on the market is that each day they are working for you through the maintain™ app.  Maintain™ not only makes it easy for your loan holders to take care of their new vehicle but also allows you to create and push content to each of them.  It is an effective digital marketing platform built just for you.

The maintain™ app creates real value and has staying power on the phone by keeping vehicle information at their fingertips, providing their factory maintenance schedule, helping them find cheap gas with the Fuel Finder and providing rewards from partner service providers.   



Engage With The App

Use the Pinion™ Portal to build custom campaigns and unlock the power of maintain™.

Engaging with your loan holders has never been easier.  Create beautiful and engaging campaigns in just a few minutes with the Pinion campaign builder and push them to your loan holders through maintain™.


Campaigns can be used to sell fee-generating automotive products like our MemberGuard vehicle service contract or Road & Key Plan, provide helpful tips, information about products and services, holiday wishes, community engagement information and more.  



Convert And Sell

Convert Auto Loan Holders to Engaged Customers by Creating Value and Building Trust.

By creating value and building trust through maintain™ your auto loan holders will discover the value of working with your financial institution.  This relationship, built on value and trust, makes it much easier to convert auto loan holders to other accounts.  In addition, automated campaigns based on vehicle data effectively market and sell fee-generating automotive related products like MemberGuard Vehicle Service Contracts and Road and Key Plans.               


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